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The Easiest Pizza Dough To Work With

Since I am on a bread making kick, I couldn't forget to include pizza dough. I usually find that most dough is tough to stretch and work with. This is the BEST recipe for pizza dough. I will never buy dough again. It is very easy to stretch and it stays stretched. Double up the batch since 1 recipe makes a small thin crust pizza.

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Welcome to cookingwithluv, this site is designed with 4 types of people in mind:

  • Those who hate to cook, but have to.
  • Those who don’t know how to cook, but want to.
  • Those who have no time to cook, but need to.
  • AND…Those who love to cook and want to do it more.

I call myself a cooking coach. I help people organize their cooking to save them time, money, and stress over WHAT IS THERE TO EAT TONIGHT… I am a mom with three kids, a husband, a business, and lots of family activities. Pretty much your everyday family. I have always had a passion for cooking. I LOVE anything to do with food… cooking it… eating it or even just reading about it. It was hard to devote the time I wanted to cooking when I had kids. Instead of cooking there was cleaning and changing and driving that took its place. There was no spare time to devote to cooking. So I finally came up with a way to GET MY PASSION back…which every mom needs to do. Hopefully through my website you will learn some new ideas to teach you how to alleviate the stress of cooking and free up more of your time for the things you want to do. You will spend less time cooking during those crazy hours and more time with the family. You may think I am a bit crazy, but for the next 18 months I have dinner and a grocery list planned. Guess what no more guessing.  

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                       Going Back To Our Roots Garden Project

I am building a 180’ X 33’ garden on school property. This cross-curricular garden project will make us pioneers of agriculture-in-the-classroom in our area. This garden will provide a rich and diverse learning environment both inside and outside of the classroom. The garden is an active learning tool that will allow the teachers an opportunity to creatively teach a multitude of subjects to their pupils. The garden provides community awareness and real-life learning skills which children can apply outside of the classroom. The best part of the project is that the vegetables will be harvested for the school cafeteria.